Electronic Locker

Product Description

We offers the ultimate in secure, customizable, and reliable locker storage. Renting a locker is simplicity itself, allowing first time users to rent a locker quickly and easily. With an intuitive touch screen display and step-by-step voice instructions in a choice of 8 languages, guests are guided through each stage of the easy to understand locker rental process.

Product Benefit

  • Ruggedized & waterproof touch screen guest interface
  • Guest selectable multi-lingual voice guided instructions
  • Patented, ultra-secure anti-jamming keyless locking system
  • All metal cabinets with 100% stainless steel option
  • Remote support and reporting functions
  • Safe reliable 12 volt operation with battery backup
  • Comprehensive cash/security logging system
  • Multiple guest payment options
  • Keyless operation – no need to replace keys or locks
  • Secure access via PIN, barcode, RFID or mag strip card


Locker Configuration and size

Locker Control Station 3 Door Locker Cabinet 4 Door Locker Cabinet
High (mm) 1950 1950 1950
Width (mm) 450 400 400
Depth (mm) 550 550 550
Weight (Kg) 110 70 72.5
5 Door Locker Cabinet 6 Door Locker Cabinet 7 Door Locker Cabinet
High (mm) 1950 1950 1950
Width (mm) 400 400 400
Depth (mm) 550 550 550
Weight (Kg) 75 77.5 80

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice

Locker Configuration & Size